“I have to rate MillenniumSoft 100 % satisfaction in my current project. I love the job and the diversity of the people that work with PG&E Construction Management. Kanumuri and his dedicated team have found a job that I love. It is as though this was made just for me and they stopped at nothing to help me get the job. Great job! . I just would like anyone who is looking for not just a job but a possible life changing position to submit their resume to MillenniumSoft. I have never had an agency go the nine yards and then some to assist me in getting a chance to work with a fantastic company like PG&E. The efforts of Kanumuri and his staff made it possible for me to enter the PG&E interview process and then continued to follow-up with me and the company. The competition was hard, but Kanumuri and his team got me the interview of a life time. I am still working with PG&E and cannot tell individuals that there are companies that care about the individual. I am a single parent and was just getting ready to become homeless again. Thanks to MillenniumSoft I have the chance to provide for my child and I am looking forward to a financial and secure future. Thank you from my heart for a chance of a life time.“

- "Evangelina Becerra,Contracts Management, Pacific Gas and Electric Company"

“MillenniumSoft staff is always very communicative and helpful to its assigned workers. It has been a pleasure working with all of you.“

- "Ron Dorenzo,Pacific Gas and Electric Company PSEP,GT Construction Contracts Management Contracts Administration"

“I have questions, requests, I get immediate reply. Personal attention. I look forward to working with folks again.“

- "Rufino E. Urrutia,IT Business Analyst, Senior"

“Neil Johnson and Mike Victor they are both very helpful and responsible to support me the best they can! Whenever I have any issues Mike always try his best to help me taking care of it. Really appreciated his timely support and the opportunity that they found for me!“

- "Yuling Wen,Accounting Analyst"

“Millenniumsoft staff are very knowledgeable at their job. They help you in your job search, prep you for interviews, work with you in finding a good fit for the job you are searching. I have worked with several staffing agencies in the past year but have not experienced the outstanding service I have received from Millenniumsoft. Their recruiters, Mike and Neil, were constantly giving you feedback and following up on the progress of your job search. I consider myself so lucky to have had a chance to work with them.“

- "Maria R. Alvarez, Senior Human Resources Assistant"

“Msoft allowed me to get right back into the job market with no hassle and at a great company.“

- "Thomas Pinn, Accounting Analyst, Senior"

“I was impressed with the staff's ability to keep me informed on the entire process. My experience has been pleasurable. I would recommend your company to my colleagues.“

- "Esther Wonser, Human Resources Research Analyst"

History of Millenniumsoft

We believe that our past contains the seed of our future success. Definitely, we are defined by our present activities but every success is tinged by our past. Historically speaking, Millenniumsoft , as it stands today, has actively sought to create something extraordinary  from an ordinary experience of manpower recruitment. Our core belief stems from the fact that people are everything in an organization – more than the machines and much more than systems and processes.   This is not to say that all other activities are peripheral but merely that man is at the center of excellence.

We have seen that pursuing our stated objectives may not be difficult in a stable environment. But the modern work culture is nothing but disruptive. There used to be a time when companies could take their time in creating quality structures.  Corporate of the past could afford organic growth. Fast forward to the present and there is no time to think and ponder. It is this critical observation which led to the creation of Millenniumsoft. No matter what the state of operations – disruptive or tumultuous – there is a need to create a human structure which would absorb these shocks and in fact thrive on them.

What is different in today’s modern work culture? Modernity is defined more by hustle. Getting through and surviving the present day to merely see tomorrow’s sunrise, is unfortunately called success. But from this chaos we certainly cannot expect anything but mediocrity. We will create history only if we have a foundation of excellence based on finer human qualities.  This can only happen when people are at the center of all our activities. We have to remind ourselves, time and again, that we have reached this level of extraordinary performance and delivery because of our core commitment to people.